born thanks to the collaboration with architect Alberto Apostoli.
DETAILS Nilo Spa Design & Studio Apostoli present:
Cabina Nilo Green Prestige Green Prestige From the design research of Stefano and Elisa Giovannoni, for years among the undisputed protagonists in the beauty design sector, comes Green Prestige, a cabin with an exclusive design and minimalist shapes. DETAILS HUB

We present HUB, the only completely self-sufficient mobile washing station, designed by Studio Giovannoni Design in collaboration with Rossano Ferretti and produced by Maletti Group.
An exclusive service for exclusive places.

Spa manager

Nilo Spa Design has always been committed to studying and proposing the best solutions for the most profitable treatments in the wellness centre, from the multifunctional beds and armchairs to the furnishings and accessories, for a 360° wellness experience.


Nilo Spa Design, thanks to many years of collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, has developed unique and distinctive spa cabin concepts that can be customised according to requirements through our Design Office.


Spa cabins in hotels represent not only an important source of additional business, but also an element of differentiation that makes guests' experience memorable, increasing their level of satisfaction of their entire stay.

Our Designers


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