Multifunctional Armchairs

    • Alabama

      Chair ideal for multi-room with 4 electrical movements. The chair height and backrest are adjusted using the remote control to suit the working position and the needs of the client.
      The maximum height adjustment of the backrest is 75°.
      The maximum leg inclination is 90°. The chair is equipped with the tilting function (Trendelenburg), which allows the chair backrest to incline to negative 10°.
      The headrest can also be extended.
    • Alabama Podo

      Alabama Podo is a multifunctional armchair equipped with 3 motors for pedicure, facial, body and make-up treatments.
      The height, backrest and tilt adjustment is electric.
      The legrests are independent, tilting and removable with a 90° lateral rotation.
      The mattress is covered in skay, and is fire-retardant and oil-resistant.
      The armrests are foldable and removable, as are the headrest and footrest.
      Backrest inclination 80°. Face hole included.
      Painted steel frame and white ABS casing.
      Upholstery can be customised in all colours of the Nilo range.

    • Multi-function chair Glamour Premium

      Glamour Premium

      Multifunctional 4-motor armchair with electric height, back, leg and tilt adjustment (trendelenburg) ideal for facial, body and make-up treatments.
      Folding and removable armrests, adjustable and removable headrest, adjustable and removable footrest.
      Metal frame. White base.
      PU-coated, fire-retardant and oil-resistant mattress.

      Design Christophe Pillet.

      Optional extras available:

      • Thermal mattress
      • Memory foam mattress
      • Roll holder
      • Footboard
      • Face hole
    • Multifunctional chair Soprano Easy

      Soprano Easy

      Multifunctional full motorised patented chair.
      Equipped with chromotherapy, motorised reclining backrest, headrest.
      Features: make up, fashion treatments, manicure and pedicure.

    • Soprano Super

      Multifunctional chair for fashion and hair treatments, manicure and pedicure

      Multifunctional full motorised patented chair.
      Equipped with chromotherapy, motorised height adjustment, motorised reclining backrest, headrest, 180° rotation to enable washing, two USB socketshairdryer holder.
      Features: make up, fashion treatments, manicure, pedicure, washing and styling.

    • Multifunctional chair Target Pedicure

      Target Pedicure

      Multifunctional chair for face and make- up treatments, pedicure.
      Metal structure, with 3 motors adjustment for height, backrest and tilting (trendelenburg).
      Manual adjustment of footrest. Folding and removable armrests.
      Adjustable and removable headrest. Skay Upholstery, soft touch, fireproof and oil resistant.

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